Elissa Alva

whatchu wan me to doooo…? I’m saaaarry! 😏
So nice to see you all out at Shukai today in SJ !
at Binh Minh Quan
this is a true #tbt ! 
back to 2004 to be exact!! (yes that was ten years ago O_O) 
Although it doesn’t look like much..this drawing means a lot to me. Not only because it’s supposed to be me as a mermaid 🙈  (anyone who knows me knows I LOVE mermaids..) But because of where I was and the state of mind I was in. When I was younger I was surrounded by drug abuse and drama. I was exposed to unfortunate conditions I had no control over and It may sound silly but I learned to strengthen myself through art.  

Art has always allowed me to escape reality. To focus on creating something myself and looking forward to something beautiful. My work isn’t perfect and they aren’t masterpieces but each has had a story behind them, ones i am in control of. ✨😊
tbt with #superstreet for my cover feature last year 😜
I love how @dunksrnice captured this shot of some of us walking down to the sand at the #MKEXPLORE meet last Saturday! 😊👍
courtesy of @humzadeas 😊 #MKEXPLORE
💟 (at Sutro Baths)
limited by my iPhone camera and safety limitations I wasn’t able to get you all in the photo but I want to THANK YOU ALL who came out and participated in the first #MKEXPLORE IG meet at Sutro Baths in SF! 

We’re going to choose 10 winners with the best photos. Top 2 winners will get a FREE t-shirt & @olloclip phone lens. Just remember to tag #MKEXPLORE to     enter the contest!
5pm at Sutro Baths in San Francisco @mighty_killers is hosting their first IG meet! Come by and hang out, meet some talented individuals, & take some cool photos 😊 

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!! 
More information at www.MightyKillers.com
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