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swing by and visit us at the @mighty_killers exhibit tomorrow at #famess2014  in San Jose 👋😄
San Francisco-Where it all started for me. So it  only feels right to show my love for one of the few cities that have stolen a piece of my heart! 

For a limited time only, the San Francisco t-shirt will be guaranteed in your size AND available to you for only $25.00 + shipping.

Available today 07.25.14 until Monday 07.27.14 at 11:00pm. 

Those taking advantage of the offer for #wekfest these shirts will be sent out to you just in time to enter the raffle 08.10.14 😉
picnic in the park with my boys earlier today @mightykills @monka_bonka 💜💙
sometimes I wish we could go back and relive my best friend’s wedding day. 😭 #tbt //  it makes me excited to think about planning for my own wedding next year !
Starting Point:
 My most recent visit to the doctor was a bit of a shocker. My doctor issued me a cholesterol screening and a few blood tests. I was in total shock when I saw the results. Here I am, 25 years old and thinking I was safe because I am relatively young without any apparent weight issues. My doctor stressed the importance for me to be more active and aware of my health. So, as you can see the kick start to a more healthy and active life style for me is not revolving around the desire to achieve a perfect physique, but to simply just be a better me.

read more @ Blog.ELISSA-ALVA.com
WEKFEST SAN JOSE is just around the corner. Sunday, August 10th. I’m looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces 😊✨ 

Don’t forget to wear an Elissa Alva shirt or hoodie (available @ ELISSA-ALVA.com/store) to be entered into a raffle with some exclusive items yet to released;) 10 lucky winners will be drawn on Monday, August 11 and announced shortly following !

Complete details in my blog section @ ELISSA-ALVA.com

See you all soon & best of luck!
today was awesome! met and worked some very talented people today 😊 definitely looking forward to our upcoming projects. 😄👍
been in the car all damn day. SF traffic is the worst !
sneak peak 😏
#Wekfest reunion ✌️😜
double double win 😜

 I got In & Out Burger  AND was served by a few super awesome supporters. 

i love being out and about and randomly running into good people like these!😊
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